Sponsor packages 2019

The Health-RI Conference offers the opportunity to companies, universities, UMCs, institutes, expertise centers and start-ups to present themselves to the research audience at the conference. We are expecting to welcome participants from the broader life science and health fields: scientists, medical doctors, engineers, students and entrepreneurs, varying from pharmaceutical to biotech research and the medical field.

The successful 2017 conference attracted 350 participants, and over 80 posters and demos.

2019 promises another exciting and thought-provoking day, with keynotes, lectures, posters & demos. The conference centres around the ambition to realize a connected infrastructure for personalized health and personalized medicine research.

All conference sponsors benefit from logo visibility. As conference sponsor your company logo will be visible on:

  • The conference’s website (with hyperlink)
  • The sponsor slide in plenary sessions
  • The 'welcome' poster in the central hall of the conference venue
  • The conference programbook

Sponsor packages 

We offer different sponsor packages with the following benefits:


-Company flyer at registration and information desk

Price: € 300.- excl. VAT


-Small booth space

-High table

-Electricity (230V/50Hz)

-1 person free attendance

Price: € 750.- excl. VAT 


-Large booth space

-Large table

-2 chairs

-Electricity (230V/50Hz)

-2 persons free attendance

Price: € 1,500.- excl. VAT 


Custom-made sponsoring

We also offer the opportunity to create custom-made packages. Don't hesitate and contact Femke Francissen via  femke.francissen@dtls.nl or +31 (0)6 17 90 48 88 to discuss your ideas.